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News Update:

Lori is scheduled to present her research on combining fitness and academic instruction at the California Reading Association’s 45th Annual Convention in San Diego.


“Mrs. Prentice worked with a small group of 3rd grade students during PE, helping them learn phonics rules while exercising. As Mrs. Prentice worked with her small group, I observed students engaged in each activity as she presented to them. Mrs. Prentice has been extremely helpful on campus this year and a blessing to many of us.”

– Dr. Jennifer Watson, Ed.D. Principal Valley Oak Elementary School

“Mrs. Prentice was our daughter’s teacher for several months. During that time, we noticed she tried really hard to connect with each child. She also knew academically where each child was and tried to make this year a challenging learning experience for everyone, even if it meant more work for her. She is one of my daughter’s most creative teachers.”

– Jack Yu, MD, MS Ed. Associate Professor, LLU USC School of Medicine

“Mrs. Prentice displays so many creative and innovative teaching strategies that it would be impossible for pupils not to be learning. She has high expectations for herself and for her pupils. She is amazingly consistent- achieving at a high level and her affective domain strategies are amazing and too numerous to mention.”

– J. Michael McGrath, Ed.D. Former Superintendent Newhall Unified School District

“As (Director of Education and Program Advisor), Lori’s primary duties included closely monitoring our students’ progress, making appropriate changes to ensure the highest academic growtn, and conferencing with over 10 sets of parents. Lori’s attention to detail and depth of knowledge has resulted in overwhelming parent satisfaction. In addition, her excellent background in education helped ensure that the center maintained its outstanding level of academic growth.”

– Minda Cerva, Center Director Sylvan Learning Center, Tarzana CA

“Lori Prentice is one of the most creative and visionary teachers I have met. She always has new ideas for how things could be improved or something that may be added. She is willing to sacrifice time and energy to make these things happen. She often things outside of the box but is also grounded enough to know when a tried and true method is effective.”

– Eric Hagen, Charter Teacher/Technology Supervisor Mountain Homeschool

“Lori’s willingness to honestly share her own experiences with her class is a special approach to helping children learn important life lessons. Mrs. Prentice told me several times that she wants her students to interact and feel like a family. These are not empty words, she resolves conflicts with fairness and sensitivity, and maintains focus on both the requirements of curriculum and the broader goals of growing and maturing.”

– Paul Bogard, Uncle of Mrs. Prentice’s student

“Watching (Mrs. Prentice) teach the students in a positive, encouraging was has been truly inspirational. I have a very high regard for Ms. Prentice and the amount of patience she exercises.”

 – Sadhna Neill, Parent of Mrs. Prentice’s student

“Lori has given me many tips for educating my son. I can always look to Lori for information on resources on education. My son attended a small weekly group class she taught, and he seemed to get a lot out of it. I feel I received more help from Lori than I did from his teacher.”

– Danielle Schaffer, Parent of Mrs. Prentice’s student