Children learn and develop as they play, so we have created classes filled with fast-paced games where children have to physically move to reach an answer or show understanding. Our programs are a research-based approach to helping students achieve academic success through incorporating fitness and play into learning. Our brain-based approach gives children who don’t want to “sit still” in class a way to fit in and show how much they know.

Brain Romp takes advantage of the powerful growth factors for learning and memory created in the brain during exercise. These growth factors, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1) with others lead to the actual growth of new nerve cells and significant improvement in the connections between existing nerve cells in the brain, resulting in faster and better learning.

A lot of attention defecits in school settings can be resolved in part when we look at the child’s individual strengths and needs. Most teaching is done by auditory and visual methods, yet many young students are primarily kinesthetic learners- they learn by doing, by physically moving their bodies. Confining some young children to desks and chairs just doesn’t tap their full potential. It is as though you are putting a cork in an active volcano, and some kids respond to this through misguided behavior or tuning out the message.


To deliver a program that appreciates children’s natural curiosity, desire to be active and play, and incorporate those amazing gifts into reading and math instruction.

Meet Coach Prentice:

Lori started teaching aerobics at 16 years old, and has had a love for teaching and fitness ever-after. After a BA in Child Development and MA in Education, the ARMY taught her about efficiency and teamwork, and she spent time working in physical therapy at Fort Sam Houston, TX. She worked at several elementary schools as a general education teacher, and substituted in special education classrooms as well. She received all ‘Exceeds expectations” on one work evaluation, and another year Dr. McGrath, former superintendent of Newhall Unified School District had this to say about one of his fourteen formal evaluations of her class, “I have NEVER observed a superior classroom in terms of milieu, learning environment, or classroom culture in over thirty years of observing classroom teachers. I learned more from Mrs. Prentice in those areas than I taught.”

Lori created Winning in Education Magazine, a research-based quick-read dedicated to guiding third through eighth graders towards academic success. On the cover was an honored teacher and inside were articles to 68,000 readers giving practical strategies that parents and teachers could use right then to solve problems. Baby #2 put the brakes on WE Mag, and with Baby #3, Lori joined a group “Stroller Fit” where moms are in a group fitness class pushing their babies in strollers up and down hills playing games and working out. She had a 3,1, and newborn in a triple stroller, and it started her on the concept of multitasking to fit fitness in your daily get-to-do lists. She bounced back and forth between homeschooling and traditional schooling, whichever worked best for each individual child. Having her own children who did best when allowed to move to learn, the traditional strategies today’s teachers suggest of using playdough (while seated) or tracing letters in the air (while seated) or other similar activities never got the child’s heart-rate up and never lasted more than a few minutes.  In looking at her own children’s needs to play and wiggle during lessons, and her own need to multitask in order to get things done, Brain Romp was born. Today Lori teaches students and educators fitness combined with reading and math across Central and Southern California. While she adores teaching reading, her greatest joy is hearing her therapy ponies’ soft nickers and clip clops on shiny tile when the family takes them visiting into hospitals, nursing homes and libraries.